The Whys and Wherefores

Several years ago we were renting a house in St Peters in a typical subdivision. The nosy neighbors measured your grass to make sure it wasn’t too long (although mowing took all of about 15 minutes), and yet they had nothing to do with each other.

Having enough of that, we began looking for property away from the madness. Karen located a piece of property that had just had a price reduction, and we went to look at it on her birthday. We made an offer that day that was accepted later that day and we began the transition to country life.

Next Steps…

Upon moving to the country, we began making a rural dream come true. A friend gave us a pair of geese and a guinea, and we added chickens, ducks, more geese, and rabbits. The numbers and actual creatures have changed over the years, but the beginnings have now flourished.

Farm Critters