Our Rabbit Sales Policy

1) A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any rabbit(s). No rabbit(s) will be released until paid in full.
*If there is an unpaid balance at time of pickup/delivery, it must be paid in full in cash.

2) The rabbit(s) must be picked up within two weeks from the time they are ready to leave, unless arrangements have been made in advance.

3) If the rabbit(s) are not picked up in the scheduled time frame, the rabbit(s) will be put back up for sale and the deposit will be forfeited.

4) Rabbit(s) are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  The waiting list gets first pick.

5) All rabbits born in our rabbitry will have the FAF prefix on the pedigree and this can not be changed or removed.

6) We, the breeder, have the right to terminate the sale of any rabbit(s) at any time, under our, the breeder’s discretion and the deposit will be fully refunded. If the buyer, for any reason cancels a sale after the deposit has been made, the deposit will not be refunded.

7) We can’t guarantee show quality (to be successful on the show table), proven breeders (younger than 6 months or have never been bred in our barn), the sex of a rabbit (if they are young), the quality of their offspring, or temperament, as they are too young. NO refunds will be given.

** All rabbits sold as pets WILL NOT come with a pedigree. NO EXCEPTIONS.**

8) If for any reason you decide or cannot keep a rabbit that has been purchased from our rabbitry, we will take the rabbit back and this is non-refundable.


All rabbit(s) are guaranteed healthy when they leave our rabbitry and we would not knowingly sell a sick or aggressive rabbit.

We offer a FULL REPLACEMENT warranty of equal value when available and if you fall within the guidelines below:
1) Any rabbit(s) that becomes sick within 24 hours of purchase. We must be notified immediately.
2) Any rabbit(s) that die within 24 hours  of purchase for reasons out of the buyers control (pre-existing condition).

** Any rabbits that become sick or die must be returned for a replacement.**

**Return the rabbit for care if necessary. NO vet bills will be reimbursed.**

If a problem should arise, we will then evaluate the situation and determine if a replacement will be made. There will be NO replacement if there are signs of abuse, neglect, injury, or improper care. ALL warranties will be void.