We are currently raising 2 different breeds of rabbits. We have the TAMUKs from Texas, and Composites, which are a colored TAMUK.

The TAMUKs are a meat rabbit with white pelts. The TAMUKs (named for where they were hybridized – Texas A&M University Kingsville, in deep South Texas) were bred to be able to withstand the heat of the south, and don’t have the associated issues that most rabbits have. The composites have the in-bred ability to throw litters of all colors at once, regardless of the parent’s coloration.


We are also an authorized dealer for the cages and equipment from Bass Equipment. Feel free to contact us with your needs, and we will get it for you if we don’t have it in stock (and we have little now, since it is as new dealership for us.)

To assist with the raising of our rabbits, we have begun using a computer program. You can create a digital record of your rabbitry administration using Hutch, from BarnTrax.

Month old kits that will be ready for sale at 8-10 weeks

One-Day old Kits

Rabbit Sales Policy

Rabbits and Rabbit Meat for Sale

Some tools that we found useful in cage building and rabbit handling, besides the Bass Equipment catalog are kevlar sleeves and a log handled J-clip pliers. The Amazon links for those products are below.

Kevlar Sleeves

The sleeves will prevent your arms and hands from being scratched up.

J-clip Pliers

The pliers are longer than most, and the offset head makes assembly of cages a lot easier.

Rabbit Production Book

This is one of the books in our homesteading library. It was written by the professor that “designed” the TAMUKs and composites. Deep reading, but very informational.