We moved to the country with 4 dogs. Karen had her Golden Retriever / Yellow Lab mix, JoDee, and I had three Belgian Tervurens, Bonnie and Clyde, and Libby. Since moving here, we have lost Jodee and Bonnie & Clyde.


The three Tervurens had been trained, or were in training for Search and Rescue. Bonnie and Clyde were trailing dogs, and Libby was in training as an HRD (Human Remains Detection) dog.

Libby has since been washed out of the SAR program.


 There is also another furbaby that has been brought into the house. That would be Kitten, also known as the Princess. She is a long-haired black cat that was a rescue adoption. She has become the ruler of the roost, including bossing the dogs around.


Also added were Sam and Gus. Sam is a Miniature American Shepherd (Mini Aussie) and Gus is a Yellow Lab / Husky mix. Sam is in training as an HRD SAR dog.